Meet Jenny.

Certified Career & Transition Coach

I was diagnosed with wanderlust at a young age. 


A nomad by nature, I grew up in Ontario and Nova Scotia. I majored in history and immediately after graduating from Dalhousie University, I bought a one way ticket to San Diego where I spent a glorious summer waiting tables in Pacific Beach, drinking in sunsets, and eating the best Mexican food I’ve ever had.  How had I lived this long without ceviche??


Over the last 20 years, I’ve lived in London, California and New York City. I love history, I’m a voracious reader, and I’m always planning my next trip. I’m passionate about mentoring young people, especially young women and I have a compelling sense of righteousness and fairness. Early in my career, I had a heart and soul searching period when I was working for a defense consulting company, which I decided I had to leave on a moral basis. I have worked at the top of the field in the not-for-profit live event production space and I cut my teeth in HR in the highly competitive fitness industry in the heart of Beverly Hills before moving to the fast and furious field of ad tech recruiting. 


While my jobs and the places I lived had all been thrilling, something was missing. I felt like I should be happy, but it seemed like things were happening to me and I was living in reaction mode.  I wanted to take more control of the direction I was going, both personally and professionally.  I longed to own my story which meant making deliberate career and life choices that would bring me joy and fulfillment, and help others to do the same thing. 


But how?


It was time to make a shift, but pinpointing that exact transition felt challenging and overwhelming. 


In the meantime, my recruiting job had morphed into so much more than finding people jobs – I was spending much of my days counseling millennials on how to excel professionally, achieve work life balance, and avoid burnout early on in their career. I was consulting with executives who were unfilled by their career choices and wanted to find something new. And many of the conversations with hiring managers were morphing into discussions around what they felt was missing in their own careers. One day, one of those hiring manager said, “You’d be a great coach”. 


And just like that, I couldn’t stop thinking about coaching. 


After some soul searching, research, talking to other coaches, (and giving birth to my daughter!), I applied to iPEC to become a certified coach. Two years later I'm an iPEC graduate focused on personal and professional transition. That means I help people create whatever it is they desire, become the best version of themselves, and get out of limbo. 


I work with individuals who are trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives, who feel like something is missing, and who are looking to make a change. I create space for people to be heard and championed through what can feel like a daunting process and help them transition into the life and career they only dreamed was possible.