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I help women tell their professional stories with

impact + unapologetic confidence to finally get the job they want & the money they deserve.

My Story...


My path has never been a straight one. And maybe that's something you relate to.

I grew up in Ontario and then Nova Scotia. I studied history at Dalhousie University, earned my degree and bought a one-way ticket to San Diego where I spent a glorious summer waiting tables, basking in sunsets, and eating the best Mexican food I’ve ever had.  How had I lived this long without ceviche??

I've since lived in London, Beverly Hills, and New York City. I have worked in not-for-profit event production. I cut my teeth in HR in the competitive fitness industry before moving to the furious field of corporate recruiting.

While each of these places and jobs was thrilling, I always knew something was missing. It seemed like my life was happening to me and I was living in reaction mode. How did I get here?

As 40 inched closer, it became clear that I had essentially been on a 15-year road trip with no map, no destination, and no idea who was driving.

Every job I'd had was mine because someone had offered it to me, not because it was something I intentionally chose. I was a nomad.

The worst part? I was lost and I didn't know where I was going.

I'd never negotiated a raise, asked for a promotion, or "tooted my own horn" in an interview.

Because from as young as I could remember, I was told: "good little girls are seen and not heard".


That meant don't ask for more, be grateful, and just do what you're told.

But how to take control?

By being deliberate.

I focused on what I loved about my recruiting job. It wasn't matching people with work, it was counseling women on how to tell their professional narrative, ask for the money they deserve, negotiate job offers, and ace interviews with confidence and conviction. That was my passion.

So in 2018, I began an intensive coaching program with iPEC and after graduating in 2019, I launched Jenny Ward Careers. I launched my career.

My purpose is championing women to finally ask for more. More money, more clarity, more confidence, and more success. I help my clients make deliberate career choices that bring them joy and fulfillment.

If you're ready to stop living in reaction mode and transition into the life and career you only dreamed was possible, let's get started.


"I’ve loved my experience working with Jenny! She helped me rework my resume and cover letter so that I actually feel confident in myself on paper which has never happened before. I can tell she truly wants the best for her clients and I’m happy to have her in my corner!"

-Kameko Ashley, Production Strategy & Operations, Netflix

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