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Just DON'T - The Power of Language

Let's chat about a little language tweak that can make a BIG impact on your professional communication! 🚀

The power of the word "Just".

I hear and see this word ALL the time, most often from my female clients.

  • "I just wanted to check in"

  • "I just need a minute"

  • "I just have a quick question"

  • "I'm just following up"

Let's talk about this sneaky little word. 🤔

Using "just" in your professional correspondence might seem harmless, but it subtly undermines your confidence and dilutes your message.

Because it impacts the significance of any words that follow.

It's basically the same as saying, "I don't want to bother you but..."

So I'm going to challenge you.

Just STOP saying "just" in both professional correspondence and dialogue.

💬 Instead of saying "I just wanted to check in," try "I'm checking in."

See the difference? 💼💡

By eliminating "just," you instantly project more assertiveness and conviction in your words and you aren't subliminally apologizing for whatever you're about to say.

Your words matter, and so do your ideas and questions.

What are your thoughts on this language shift? Do you overuse the word "just"?

Share your experiences in the comments below. 🗣️💬


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