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Breaking Free: From Seeking Validation to Embracing Authenticity ❤️

🤫 Can you relate to any of this?

🔎 I spent longer than I care to admit seeking validation.

🌍 From literally everywhere.

✅ Men I dated

✅ Friends

✅ Family

✅ Jobs

✅ Bosses

😚 The more emotionally unavailable, the better, because if I could evoke something from that person, then I must be REALLY special.

🛑 But of course, none of those people or things validated me.

😬 Not for any length of time anyway.

😥 And usually just left me worse off, seeking more validation to make up for what I'd just lost.

⭕ It was a never-ending cycle.

🏃‍♀️ When I started my recruiting career, I was constantly chasing people.

✅ To get back to me.

✅ To work with me.

✅ To take jobs.

✅ To sign offer letters.

👧 And when I was single and dating, I rarely stopped to ask myself if I even liked the guys I was going out with.

🙏 I just hoped they liked me.

✔ Because that was validating.

➡ And validation DEFINED ME.

📏 As I inched closer to 40, I finally began focusing on self-fulfillment INSTEAD of external validation.

🚶‍♀️ Self-fulfillment through intentional choices I was making and new paths I was taking.

🐀 I was starting to unwind the rat's nest of my inner monologue and what I'd been telling myself for as long as I could remember - about who I was and what I deserved.

🌏 And was ready to put me and my words out to the world.

😱 Which was terrifying.

👍 But I didn't measure my success by how many likes I got on social media, or how many clients worked with me.

(Well, maybe in the first days of my business but not now.)

❤️ Now I'm being my authentic self and I hope that my words, tips, and light lift up one other woman, and remind her that she can be whatever she wants to be, and can re-write her professional and personal narrative at any moment.

☎ If you're feeling stuck, lost, or just plain overwhelmed, click the link below to schedule a time to connect.

😙 Trust me when I say, it's never too late to stop living in reaction mode.


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